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Art Exhibits at the Library: Garcia Thompson

A virtual gallery that showcases the Milton Public Library's featured artists

August + September 2020

A Collection of Work by Garcia Thompson



watercolor 13 x 19"

Things Fall Apart


watercolor 11 x 12"

Barber Shop


watercolor 21 x 27"



watercolor 18 x 27"

Jazz Sax


acrylic on canvas 24 x 24"

from second book in "Heidi's Hounds" series

Franklin's Heroic Rescue

18 x 24"

Twins and Beagle

18 x 24"



Stand Up to Bullies

18 x 24"


About the artist

Garcia Thompson is a Jamaican born artist who immigrated to the US as a child at the age of 13. He has always had a love for the arts since he was a young boy, primarily drawing and painting. As a young child in church his mother would give him a pen and paper to keep him entertained during worship services. 

Garcia kept his interest in the arts all the way up to high school where he attended Madison Park Technical Vocational high. There he studied commercial design, which helped him to obtain a scholarship to one of the finest art schools in the country, Massachusetts College of Art. While studying at Mass Art, Garcia worked at the Museum of Fine Arts to help to pay for art supplies. He was exposed to and inspired on a daily basis by the works of some of the great master painters in history such as: Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Manet and many others. Two artists that inspire his work today are Justin Bua and Frank Morison. You will find similarities to these artists in Garcia’s work in their expressive use of bold colors and urban subject matter. 

Over the years Garcia has entered and won several art competitions and shows, and has had his work displayed in some prestigious places. Some of the most notable are the school of the Museum of Fine Arts, for the "MFA staff show," and The Artist's Studio at Patriot Place Foxborough. He has also received honorable mention in the New Yorker magazine cover competition. Most recently in February of 2020, life came full circle for him when he was one of the first artist's to be invited to display his work at the Museum of Fine Arts black history month celebration called "Black Expressions." His work has also been purchased by a few medical offices in the local surrounding Boston area. You can find some of his paintings in the waiting area of the ophthalmology department of Dedham Medical Associates, Atrius Health in Norwood, and Afinity Dental, also in Norwood. 

Garcia is also a published illustrator who has illustrated two children's books by author Carey Azzara in a series called "Heidi's Hounds." You can find these books on

"I know that I am blessed with a special gift from God and I want to use my talent as a tool of inspiration to all."

- Garcia Thompson

Bill Withers


scratch board 10 x 13"

The Blue Guitar


oil on canvas 36 x 36"

Papi Farewell


acrylic on canvas 24 x 36"



acrylic on canvas 24 x 24"

Jaylen Brown


acrylic on canvas 24 x 36"

images and text © 2020 Garcia Thompson