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Art Exhibits at the Library: Milton Quilts

A virtual gallery that showcases the Milton Public Library's featured artists

April 2020

Milton Quilts | by Bethany Izard

First improv --from Milton Quilts


Milton Quilts







Home quilt


About this collection

For the month of April 2020, artist Bethany Izard was scheduled to show her quilts in the Wotiz Gallery of the Milton Public Library.  Since the Library building has been closed during this time, Ms. Izard has shared photos of her works to be displayed on this virtual exhibit, Milton Quilts. She is committed to using recycled textiles to create these beautiful pieces.

“Last winter I reached out to the Milton community via the Milton Neighbors and Buy Nothing Milton Facebook groups for donations of old clothing, jeans and any sort of discarded textiles to use in my quilts.  I was overwhelmed by the large response. This show, “Milton Quilts,” was made entirely from these donations. I purchased nothing but the thread. I am interested in repurposing materials as a way to reduce consumption and still create beautiful things.  During the process of making these quilts, I was surprised to learn that the limitation of using only materials at hand lent itself to resourcefulness and creativity. It freed me to experiment in ways I never would have had courage to try with more precious, expensive materials.  It profoundly changed my creative outlook and process, and for that I am thankful.” --Bethany Izard

About the Artist

Bethany Izard has exhibited her work at many venues since the year 2000, including The Window Gallery at Heathers Bar and White Box in NYC, Art League of Long Island (Dix Hills, NY), The International Artists’ Museum (Lodz, Poland), “Moving Image: 10 Years of Video Art, Anthology Film Archives (NYC), and more.

"Originally from Oklahoma, I attended The School of Visual Arts in New York, and worked for many years as a paper artist.  I find quilting to be a perfect fit for me, employing the same meticulous attention to detail that I used in my paper works, as both involve cutting things up into smaller pieces and rearranging them in new configurations.  I love the craft of quilting and find it infinitely interesting and challenging. I am always happy to receive clothing and other textile donations.

Please feel free to contact me at or on Instagram@miltonquilts

--Bethany Izard

Milton Quilts

Inside out: white on white




Embroidered quilt

Log cabin

images and text © 2020 Bethany Izard