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Art Exhibits at the Library: Waterfalls and Rivers

A virtual gallery that showcases the Milton Public Library's featured monthly artists

June 16, 2020 - July 31, 2020

Waterfalls and Rivers | by Michael Eder



84" x 88" oil on canvas

Niagara (Final)


72" x 66" oil on canvas

Waterfalls III


72" x 60" oil on canvas



80" x 84" oil on canvas

About the artist and collection

"These Waterfalls and Rivers series are metaphors for both the present and the historic past states of chaos in our communities. The destructiveness of water together with water as the source of life is the push and pull that has always drawn me to paint moving bodies of water.  During our confinement I’ve made continuous studies of the Neponset, especially by the falls. I’m learning about the stories of the Massachusett Tribe whose center was around the fresh and salt waters at the falls.


I was born in Bogota, Colombia with an Argentine mother and an American father. Previously I worked in New Mexico, Banff, Canada, New Orleans, New York, and Maine. Since moving to Milton 20 years ago I have had my studio in Fort Point and now in the South End. I teach art at Boston Collegiate Charter school and have since 1999."


-- Michael Eder, June 2020





68" x 68" oil on canvas

Cascade II


66" x 72" oil on canvas



60" x 42" oil on canvas



64" x 70" oil on canvas

images and text © 2020 Michael Eder