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Art Exhibits at the Library: Nathalie Fitzgerald

A virtual gallery that showcases the Milton Public Library's featured artists

May - June 2021

Nathalie Fitzgerald

Afternoon Dunes

16"x20" oil on canvas

Auronzo, Italy

16"x20" oil on canvas

Brewster Steps

9"x12" oil on canvas

Five Sheep

4"x12" oil on canvas

March Daffodil

4"x12" oil on canvas, $80

Ocean Sky

16"x20" oil on canvas, $300


40"x40" oil on canvas

Summer Hydrangeas

40"x40" oil on canvas

Vase Reflections

9"x12" oil on canvas

About the artist

Artist statement

I have always been interested in creating paintings of photographed places I have traveled, of landscapes I’ve imagined, and other beautiful things found in nature. I gravitate towards saturated colors and a heavy application of oil paint. The majority of my paintings are created with palette knives for heightened textures and layers. I love creating personal pieces for my clients using either their photographs for references or discussing their vision and space. I aim to create colorful, meaningful and fun paintings that warm people’s homes and spaces.


Instagram: @ncfpaintings

Birch Trees by Lake

24"x26" oil on canvas

Cafe in Lisbon

16"x20" oil on canvas

Galway Sheep

9"x12" oil on canvas, $200

Oak Bluffs, MV

9"x12" oil on canvas

Red Cat Kitchen, MV

9"x12" oil on canvas, $200

Shelburne Falls

16"x20" oil on canvas

Texture Bouquet

9"x12" oil on canvas

Wildflower Field

24"x36" oil on canvas

images and text © 2021 Nathalie Fitzgerald