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MPL Cookbook Club: Recipes-October 2023

online Cookbook Club hub of the Milton Public Library

Recipes from One: Simple One-Pan Wonders by Jamie Oliver

Twenty-two cooks (including two children and three couples!) gathered on Wednesday, Oct. 4 to enjoy dishes from Jamie Oliver's latest cookbook. While some of us felt confused by his British-isms (blitzing/smashing/cracking things, setting the broiler on full whack) and we ran into a few tough-to-get ingredients, the food was tasty!

Smoked Salmon Pasta (Barbara Kiley)

Mushroom Carbonara (Jennifer Ort)

Sweet Tomato Gnocchi (Rose Guerra)

Roasted Mushroom Salad (Anne Bilodeau)

Sweet Red Onion Salad (Amory Files)

Giant Mushroom Bun (Oliver Truog)

Comforting Rosy Rice (Dagmar Pollex)

Juicy Tahini Chicken (Deb Fidrocki)

Tasty Veggie Tortilla (Susan Wright)

Fennel & Sardine Shakshuka (Aonghus O'Nia)

Spaghetti Frittata (Connie Spiros)

Beef Short Ribs (Karen Murphy-Lind)

The chef opted to serve these with mashed potatoes instead of the baked potato that Jamie Oliver recommends.

She also found the meat to be surprisingly expensive, contradicting Oliver's suggestion that short ribs are an inexpensive cut.

Smoky Pancetta Pork (Mimi Graham)

Sweet Potato Chili Wrap (Kate Kibbee)

The chef chose to serve this in a wrap.

50/50 Bolognese (Kirby Files)

The chef chose to serve this over pasta.

He also opted for fresh vegetables instead of the frozen recommended by Oliver.

Outrageous Pulled Pork (Juan Sosa)

The chef chose to serve this on its own.

Chickpea & Squash Casserole (Mimi McGrath)

Baked Lemon Cheesecake (Ronan O'Nia & Lisa Courtney)

Squodgy Croissant Loaf (Sara Truog)

The chef could not find frozen croissants and substituted crescent rolls. She does not recommend this approach.

Rose Guerra reports that frozen croissants are available at Whole Foods.

Rolled Carrot Cake (Susan Curley)

Blondie Cake (Lena O'Nia & Lisa Courtney)

Toffee Apple Buns (Juan Sosa)